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Streamline all your notes, tasks and communication with only one app. Sounds interesting, right?

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Incomplete addresses, typos, painful corrections – not anymore with co.neqt. What do you need? Just your smartphone and our app.

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Redefining the way people organize their work. That's the mission we live and work for.

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technology matters

technology matters

co.node will adapt to the habits of its users by applying artificial intelligence concepts. By connecting all features and tools to a single platform we eliminate the app overkill and ensure the omnipresence of all data on any device.

organizing people

organization is everything

our devices should act more like personal assistants. co.node is designed to handle any information; be it private issues or professional topics. It allows the user to remove clutter and quickly find the relevant elements in order to get things done.

information changes

information changes

all information content has a life cycle: a simple note can become a business plan or end up in the trash. Our ultimate goal with co.node is to pool a single instance of the user's content that is pivoted to the shape she or he needs.

Johannes Weiss

Johannes Weiss

chief helmsman

Klaus Müller

Klaus Müller

chief fisher man

David Roegiers

David Roegiers

chief nerd


Ilija Mrvelj

President of the Board of Directors

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About Us

Once too often, we bump into stupidity when using our productivity applications. This leads to mindless copy-pasting and confused searching for information between many apps and platforms. We believe, that tech should think like humans and not the other way round. We are at the forefront of technologies that enable software to understand people in sensible ways and this wave can bring massive productivity gains in the field of white collar employees



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