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We are passionate about helping people to get things done. Our novel approach turns daily productivity struggles into an enjoyable digital experience.


We stimulate digital efficiency for people.

humane technology

We believe that tech should behave like humans and not the other way around. User experience comes first in our manual.

Life Organisation

We exist to help people organize their lives. A combination of the right methods and tools over several disciplines will make that happen.

Information Pivots

We observe that information changes over time. Our awareness of this life cycle is a key ingredient to building the right workflows for teams.

The Team

Johannes Weiss

Chief Helmsman

is everything."


David Roegiers

Product Nerd

"I eat productivity apps
for breakfast."


Ilija Mrvelj

Hell's Angel

"To boldly go where
no-one has gone before."


Felix Gast

Learning Machine

"Data, train,


Klaus Müller


"Let's talk,
I'm listening."


Mr. Cactus

Acupuncture Specialist

"Water is for


CEO & Co-Founder at AG, CEO at 8x8 Media AG, Consultant at Synpulse AG, M.A. HSG in Business Innovation. Born and raised in the Swabian part of southern Germany, Johannes knows everything except proper German. Surely he likes all kinds of vehicles that have wheels and which can go very fast. With an apprenticeship in industrial engineering, a Lean Management background from ABB Turbo Systems AG., his Bachelor’s Degree in Banking and Finance and a Master in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen he sees himself as an all-rounder. As CEO of a Chess-Learning Software Startup he not only learned to recognize the best strategic moves but also gathered valuable experiences in the software business. Being eager using the most recent technologies to improve productivity, Johannes knows exactly how to find business opportunities in the productivity industry. Buzzwords: opportunities, lean startup, scalability, no frills, mountainbike downhill.

As CTO and co-founder at, David situates himself on the edge between tech and people. Applying that skill to Conode and the team, in combination with a decent amount of “Fingerspitzengefühl”, make of him a proper product nerd. Coming from Belgium, David speaks 4 languages and likes to drink beer. In 2008, he started engineering studies based on a passion of understanding how technical things work. In addition, there was always a healthy overload of side activities : organising musical events, DJ'ing, self-taught design, sports,…. As a next step he turned to a business degree, while still streamlining his technical/programming abilities through internships at Siemens Building Technologies and Deloitte Consulting. After doing a first freelance IT consulting project in a startup, he got a taste for that kind of work environment. Eager to fail fast and learn hard, combined with his versatile profile, David is the right candidate to bring Conode to the level it needs to be. #digital #lean #productivity #housemusic

President of the Board of Directors & Co-Founder of AG, Master in Business Engineering, Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and Innovation. With his passion for coffee and beef, Ilija isn’t exactly known for his low blood pressure and endless patience. But he finds his moments of calmness and reflexion when sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. As project manager in operational excellence and Innovation Agent at ABB, he has great experience in IT-related projects and fully supports the holistic approach of performance improvements in the office. As founding member and president of the liberal political association “Operation Libero Zürich” he is an experienced influencer and networker in the public field. With his focus on administration and bureaucracy, Ilija is the perfect counterpart in our founders team. Buzzwords: Networking, politics, legal, organisations, statutory, sailing.

Domain Expert Artificial Intelligence, Physics student at ETH Zurich, currently on exchange at Chalmers University of Technology. Grown up in Hong Kong, he enjoys alternating between long strolls on the beach and hustling through a city that never truly sleeps. Interested in science since he was young, he started his Bachelor in Hong Kong before moving to Switzerland in 2013 to continue at ETH Zurich. There he mainly focused on theoretical physics as well as taking an interest in computer simulations. Bringing a solid foundation in the mathematical sciences, Felix is our man for AI development. His doings will leverage machine learning technologies to deliver a truly organic experience to our users. The goal: everyone gets a perfectly functioning personal assistant that does all their biddings. Buzzwords: physics, city-hopping, rowing, photography, challenges

Advisor & Co-Founder at AG, Managing Director at HelpTech AG, Graduated in Business Engineering. It is all about connections - nodes and edges. Being passionate about neuroscience, Klaus developed a bold vision about the way people should interact with their digital assistants. With co.node, he managed to combine his experiences in process and knowledge management in a unique productivity tool. Buzzwords: human nature, neuroscience, customer centricity.


Our flagship product.
Conode is a digital productivity application that allows you to get things done - faster. We achieve this with a polished workflow that transforms thoughts into actions. Feel free to play around with it.


Digital productivity is not only about the tools but how you apply them effectively.

Does your team need a collaboration boost? We offer workshops, where we take your team through all aspects of self-management and collaboration, with a focus on digital tools. In our experience this interactive format allows to detect problems about how team members interact and organize themselves in order to get things done. Once the right climate is set, we disect your digital productivity landscape and see how things can be improved.

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We love to talk. If you have questions to ask, ideas to share, or a story to tell, feel free to get in touch. Moreover, we are always open for people who wish to contribute. Whether in funding, for work, or with food for our developers.

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